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A life in the day

Two cool albums

Father - Young Black Ebony

ATL art school dropouts are in fashion right now i guess. Sloppiness + simple but bangin beat = the catchy formula perfected by rappers like lil b & chief keef.

White Gzus - Stackin ‘n’ Mackin

Rap groups aren’t fashionable right now. It’s a shame ‘cause I think rappers like blanco caine & gzus piece get more out of each other rapping together rather than alone.

Kool Ace

Still on that untold history of Atlanta tip, in this post i’m sharing the music of some sort of “ATL-behind-the-scene-legend”.
Kool Ace is a rapper/producer who’s probably mainly known for his feat. on UGK’s "Pimpin ain’t no illusion" or for any other work he’s done with national rappers like Too Short & MC Breed, ATL rappers like Kilo Ali, D4L & Lil Jon, or with soul music greats like Curtis Mayfield & Joi. In the late 90’s, he was hanging out with Too Short, Pimp C, Jazze Pha, Erick Sermon & Mc Breed when all those guys moved to Atlanta. Knowing this you can already tell his music’s gotta be funky. Indeed, his first (& only ?) official album “Mackathermastaticzone” is mostly a smooth and slowed down take on the west coast g-funk popular at that time. The album’s only single "Pimpin in da south" gives you a good idea of what Kool Ace music is about : pimpiiiin, pimpiiin, pimpiiiiin, pimpin. Vocally he sounds a whole lot like Kokane (obiviously both were influenced by George Clinton). His solo discography is quite difficult to track down, but i found a 2 cd mixtape called “Mackathermastaticzone volume 2” & an unofficial (i guess) digital album called “Mack zone” released under the ‘Cool Ace’ name…
"Mack Zone" stays in the same lane as the first album but you can hear it was recorded in this millennium.
"Mackathermastaticzone vol. 2" is more diverse, like a resume of his post-2000 career gathering features, smooth pimp tales, strip club anthems & snap songs recorded with the extended D4L family.
You should get both records if you’re into that kind of stuff.

Mackathermastaticzone vol. 2

Mack Zone

My Chief Keef Loosies folder


is probably better than anything i heard this summer…

Chief Keef - Close That Door.m4a

Chief Keef - Either Way.m4a

Chief Keef - First Day Out.m4a

Chief Keef - Getcha.mp3

Chief Keef - Go To Jail.mp3

Chief Keef - hobby.mp3

Chief Keef - Hundreds.m4a

Chief Keef - Ight Doe.m4a

Chief Keef - Macaroni Time.m4a

Chief Keef - Make It Count.mp3

Chief Keef - Nigga Wat (feat Trigga Black).mp3

Chief Keef - No.m4a

Chief Keef - Pull Up.mp3

Chief Keef - SHIFU.mp3

Chief Keef - Shooters.mp3

Chief Keef - Sosa Style.mp3

Kodak Black - Project Baby

So it turns out this kodak kid has more than one good song. His first & only mixtape is pretty good all around. The tape’s first track sounds a bit much like a karaoke of a boosie song, but it then reveals kodak’s potential. Given his young age (bio says 16), i’m impressed by how effortless he seems to make different kind of songs, from “boosiesque-emo-raps” & “glory-boyz-style-rap” to “autotune-hit-fo-da-ladiez”, he almost always finds the right formula to make it work. There’s definitely room for maturation & growth. Favorite tracks are “dead time”, “signs” & “project baby 2”.


Kodak Black - “No Flocking” (2014)

Slang in South Florida is as dynamic as the people who live there. Terms for drugs aren’t exempt from this. Flockin (in the context I’ve heard it) that Kodak Black criticizes here is lacing blunt with pretty much anything other than weed. 

Despite being from Ft. Lauderdale area, he’s usually got the high pitch voice of a Boosie and flow of alternating Cash Money artists circa 2000. But here he goes for a more subdued tone that matches this haunting beat. If nothing else it shows some strides to work on his rapping as a craft.

Kodak Black raps with enough depth that wouldn’t make you assume he’s only a teenager. That, in addition to his raps not being completely derivative of 90s screw/occult raps from other citites, makes it interesting to follow the kid.

Great song.